Time spent

Hi as I’m writing this I am also waiting for my vampire/treatment session. And of course I am looking around at the people who are waiting for there time and loved ones. I noticed that no one is smiling!!😳 I realize hospitals are not the place people want to be smiling, but why not?! at least try to make it easier on the people who are here. A simple smile and a few words can make someone’s day. There’s something about seeing someone smiling especially if they are looking at you. It’s contagious and free and to be honest with you it always gives me a good feeling so why not! My oncologist/hematologist is always so serious so I have a goal to make her laugh by year end lol however It may harder than said. She smiles now at least 😉 so my advice is to smile at everybody they may think your crazy but that’s their problem.😜 Have fun and see what happens to how you feelings will change 😜💖🤟♻️