My Next Walk in September

Hi All,

By the time my next walk takes place I will be living with Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), also called acute lymphoblastic leukemia for 30 years! I was diagnosed September 22 1989 so I am going to dedicate this walk to Everyone from the Past 30 years who has Lived and Died from ALL.  OneWalk to Conquer Cancer Helping Princess Margaret Cancer Centre? It’s one powerful community with one powerful challenge—to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime. here  is my link to the site

This is a very personal time for me Living with All hasn’t made my life easy. In fact it’s been extremely challenging I am not writing this to earn any sympathy I am writing this to try and inspire you to take action !! I will be setting up a team asap so Please keep checking up 

Have an Amazing Day !!