Break down of my rules ? Complete Responsibility

My last post I made myself rules to live by and decided to explain some of them in more detail (Well it was a request lol so here goes…)

Take Complete Responsibility of my Life

My rules are in no order what’s so ever but saying that I did put this one first purposely just for myself. And thinking what it really ment to be completely responsible for yourself. Jim Rohn once said “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind but you can change yourself.”

I always liked that quote by him it struck a cord with me. Taking responsibility for one’s self is harder than it sounds. I mean if you want really to commit to it. For me it literally means I will be accountable for what I do, say, think, act, and feel. Everything personal to me. So that also means, there where I am today was do to my every decision/action. And if you think about it, it’s true there is no blame on anything people place or thing. Except for the things we have no power over. (Will post about the things we have no power over soon) Every decision, Every Action Everything be it good or bad lead me to where I am today. I Completely understand and agree. Again I am taking about personal responsibility for oneself (my decisions) excepting the past as is, then moving forward

Most of us have this condition to blame someone or something on why things didn’t work out for them. They find blame/reasons. Where I was born, My Parents, My Education My Boss, My Friends. Even The Weather anything to put the responsibility on someone/something else instead where it truly is ourselves.

It’s so much easier to put the blame on someone/something else than to take ownership of whatever it is. I have done it without thought myself. I could have worked harder at school/work treated my body better, slept more, ate healthy continue with or stopped treatments sooner. Kept in touch with people. Thinking before committing to something. Or saying things I never meant to say But I made these decisions through out my life good or bad. I made them. No one else did so I have made this rule for myself and I will follow them to the best of my abilities ✔