An Original Thought/Idea

Can we have an Original thought/Idea

First of all what is it? I’ve been trying to look up it’s definition asking people what they thought it was and everyone had there own ideas what it meant really try looking it up for yourself.

So I am going to work on my own definition as it is ” Completely new, Unused, Not copied, Completely genuine, Unknown, Unique, The first from what things are copied from… Ok that should be good enough ?

So now that I’ve got that down. There is the Original Thought Theory suggests that anything anyone can ever think of has already been thought by someone else or will be done so by someone in the future, i.e. no thought is original

What do you think?

In my opinion I say of course we can, but have we? Not in a very long time. I think original ideas or thoughts may come from a need or inspiration.  Being able to create something from nothing is my quest my goal for the year. I have given myself three conditions as well 1.) Needs to be Green 2.) Has to benefit/Help mankind and 3.) As cheep as possible. do to the fact I’m broke.

For me to be able to creat something out of nothing would be the ultimate achievement for thats going to be my 50 year goal.