A New Year

We are 7 days Into the new year How many have made there New Year’s Resolutions, To loss weight, stop smoking or to start something new… I have done this so many times myself and after a month or two I’ve stopped but now there is a new beginning A new start As you can tell I am a big supporter of the “New start” even On this Blog I have Started again and again 🙂 but that’s ok even if you stopped doing what you started  Everyday is a new day a new beginning a new chance to start again. I have always love that . And it’s so true. If you have a bad day a bad week even a year there’s always tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new beginning a new chance …  I think you get the idea 🙂

So what’s holding  you back? With me? about 6 or 7 weeks ago I took a HUGE!! leap forward to “Start Again” I started with an Incredible group of people and It’s been such an Amazing Incredible journey and Has been the best New Start I have done I am learning to be my own Turn Around expert *** TBA***

On a side note I am going to start posting the books I’ve read Good or bad, so since my “New Start” I would Highly recommend the following books to read The Alchemist, Rising Strong, Ano Ano, Think and Grow rich, They are Amazing books.