Taking responsibility

From last Sunday I have completely have accepted my current reality, it has  taken me about a week or so just to start it. I have given up the blame game. I am here because of all my choices I have ever made. From the simplest things like how I spend my time the jobs I’ve taken. The people I have made apart of my life. The books I have read. Everything I have thought and done has led me to be sitting here writing this for a post.

I’m not saying that it’s easy. To be able to say that I am the root cause of my having cancer is a bit much. But I can say how I am living with it is definitely my responsibility.

I’m not saying that you should try to take complete responsibility for your life. Why would you want to have the freedom that comes with it. The fact that you have nothing to blame for except yourself. And now even thinking about it. I’m feeling even more motivated to live by example. Not by my words. Words are temporarily Actions are permanent. So I AM living by Example from now on. I won’t settle for less ❤️♻️🤟