My Simple Three Words

On of my favorite authors is a guy named Brendon Burchard. He has written multiple books The Motivation Manifesto, The High Performance Habits, and many more.

The reason I am bringing this guy up is part of his books (or podcasts) mentioned about adopting 3 support words, I have taken this to heart and have chosen My 3 Personal words. And will likely live by them for at least a year. I say a year because I may need to Add more because they have become a part of me. And we all need change. So without delay my words are …

Love : To Love freely. Without judgement.

Integrity: To live my life in complete Integrity. The state of being whole and undivided

Example: To live my life by Example. One that serves as a pattern to be initiated.

I have taken some time to pick them and I will live by them. But first I want you to help me make a difference for something I’ve been fighting for 30 years ❤️🤟♻️