My Old New Identity

Reclaimed Identity

For the past 30 years my identity has been tied and taken over by cancer. To be precise.. Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) However since the first of summer. (Mentioned in an earlier post) I have chosen not to be associated with it. I am the Turnaround expert. “Rebuilding” my Extraordinary life from the ground up. I am dedicated to sharing my life story and my incredible journey with ALL to everyone as well as my transformation on my new path.

I am so Excited waking up to face the day. I feel such a determination, Not only in the Extraordinary life I am building, but also the ability to share my experiences and expertise dealing with ALL. The good the bad the very bad, and the life in between.

I came to the realization that we all need a little coaching in our lives someone to help center our lives. To help us rediscover our passion. For me it’s been hidden for 30 years of what I called “life without living” Although I have read so many books I have a bookshelf practically dedicated to Self-help, Health and Well-being. I have more then enough theory but to be able to talk with someone. To put the theory into practice, To have them hold you accountable to a higher way of living. To challenge you. There’s nothing like it, with me it was/is with Leah and Bucky. They helped me realize that I am the Turnaround expert. A Soulful Hustler.
I highly recommend you give yourself a gift, Check them out!!

I have already started breaking down the”5 Point Star” Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Emotional, Mental (Thank you Bucky) to follow my own path of keeping it simple. However just because it’s simple, it doesn’t mean that it is easy. I have just broke it down to chunks so I can focus easier on them. Planning it out is so important.

This September not only will be Xcelebrating my 30 with ALL.  I will be doing a 25km walk to help fight against Blood Cancer for Princess Margaret Hospital. My dear friend PJ started a GoFundMe campaign all the money raised will go to the Hospital. And you can also look up Onewalk and look for my name. I will put a link Here —–> Please Help Thank You!! Carpe Diem ❤️🤟♻️