Living by Example

My Overall plan for this year has been to “Show Me” what is possible. To live a life by Example not just being reactive or doing the same as always, but to prove to myself that anything is possible. Most of you know my story so I wont go into it. However I will say. The proof is within my journey. I will be doing weekly post and Lives on Facebook so you may follow me there too.

Since my most recent Birthday I have been on a mission to see what is possible I have been doing a lot of reading and research on most all areas of my life and habits. below are just a fell of them.

Health (Mind and Body) , Adventours/Challenges, Relationships , Growth/Goals/Achievements, Meditation/Mindset, Minimalist/ (Simplelist/Exampelist (my own thing)), Acceptance/Responsable,   Positivity/Joy/Love, Service/Gratitude, Financial, Integrity, Consistency/Focus,  Futurest/Proactive, Religion/Spiritual

There is more but this should be enough to start i’ve been working hard on this to not only to make this and incredible year if not the best year (so far) Most of this list is self explanatory but some my not be, so if you have any questions please feel free to write me. Its as I always say its a Work in Progress. and will break them down soon if requested

Love, Example, Integrity