Get busy

Hi, I know it’s been a while since I have written I have been lazy no other reason than that. So today I decided to set aside time every Sunday to write a blog and I have mentioned before that it could be about anything and everything 🙂 to do a brief catch up I stopped all my treatments, had a birthday (49) almost completed school (Still need two math classes) Have 5 new goals and 3 have to be completed in 140 days. I’ll let you know what they are soon, you can guess why the 140 days. But a hint will be to “add the days” I also have some new rules to follow and will post them soon too. 

Life has been a challenge we all can relate to this in one way and what I go through has the same weight as what you go through just on different levels. My life has been blessed in a lot of ways and I am so Grateful for all my challenges and hardships I have been through. And whatever happened in my past has lead me to this very moment. this very spot, I am sitting outside writing to you under a tree enjoying this day in peace so be thankful for your past but leave it there !!! Enjoy the simple things in life. Think of how you are feeling at this moment in time Because that’s what it’s all about. Pure and simple 🙂