A major mile stone

Hi, before I begin I am not in any way after any pity or anyone to feel the slightest bit sorry for me, it’s my life as it is/was. (There also may be a lot of grammar mistakes) So now I will begin 😉

I am writing this I have lived 18,301 days. I have just turned 50 on August 3rd,  A major milestone for me. Considering that I should have died on multiple occasions due to my rather annoying persistent condition.  (A.L.L.) With all the Hospital stays, Treatments, sickness, and doctor visits and bedridden days (All were very fun) I have lost thousands of those days. I was diagnosed a very long time ago a very dark time in my life not sure exactly when but more than half my life. But I am Grateful. (Now)

Last summer/fall I decided to cancel all my treatments chemotherapy and medications. Doctors were not happy with my decision but I just wanted live I am still to deal with the latest pressing condition. Hearing and having too much iron lol.

Although my life hasn’t been inspiring in anyway. When I worked I did well, I had a few different careers  from IT to IT Security to Teaching now going Green energy engineering (On hold). I haven’t done anything life altering (except survive) But it has been my life. I have learned how to deal with a Lot of misfortunes as most of us have, Although I have probably seen more suffering and death than most I am still Grateful.

We all deal with the challenges differently some get angry some sad some lash out some bottle it in. For me I have learned that all thing pass the good and the bad. I deal with the bad knowing that it won’t last and I hold onto the good knowing that it will pass too, but have learned to appreciated it more. I am Grateful for everything life has taught me the good and even the bad, I have decided to make this year my best year, although I admit I am starting slower than I planned 😉 I am a continuous improvement on living a (Slow) Turn around Expect at least that’s my new self-proclaimed title. I will beginning again a weekly blog most likely Sundays it’s a life work in progress. I’m living it for now, for how long only God knows. And yes I am Grateful.. be back soon